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The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another !

– William James


One of the most common reasons that individuals seek help from therapists, coaches and psychologists is to get assistance dealing with an issue they are currently struggling with, either internally (i.e.: depression/anxiety, weight management) or externally (i.e.: relationship issues, work disengagement). Everyone is dealt their fair share of problems, stressors and worries. In fact, to this date you have probably overcome countless setbacks, and even when things seemed dark and difficult you were able to pull through to the other side.

So, how did you do that? We can bet that your strengths played a role and they can help with a current problem or future challenges too.

Cognitive-behavioural therapy, or CBT, focuses on ways in which your thoughts and actions can contribute to problems – and on how you can address these problems by thinking or acting a little differently.

CBT is a psychological treatment that addresses the interactions between how we think, feel and behave.  It is usually time-limited (approximately 10-20 sessions), focuses on current problems and follows a structured style of intervention.  The development and administration of CBT have been closely guided by research.  Evidence now supports the effectiveness of CBT for many common mental disorders.  For some disorders, carefully designed research has led international expert consensus panels to identify CBT as the current “treatment of choice”. ( see the NHS commission National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence “NICE” guidelines)

CBT & Psychological Treatments

There is evidence that CBT works better than other psychological treatments that are also used to treat depression. However, the effectiveness of other psychological treatments has not been studied as extensively as has CBT.  It is the strong evidence base for CBT that makes it a compelling treatment approach when provided by qualified CBT practitioners.  It is also possible that several psychological treatments, including CBT, have specific and common active ingredients that help reduce symptoms.

CBT has been demonstrated to be an effective means of treating problems such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety, phobias, eating disorders, panic attacks, weight loss, smoking and for couples and relationship in general.

I have had several clients come to me who have used different professionals for help in the past feeling confused and frustrated and never felt they had a break through. A common misconception about CBT is that mental health is a necessary precursor to someone engaging in a treatment. Nothing could be more false. CBT has immense value to anyone who wants to better understand themselves or the dynamics of their interpersonal relationships. It’s an exploratory process that seeks to provide insight, which is an invaluable tool to have at your disposal.

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– Gary


I have only praise for Gary at flow psychology, one of the best decisions I have made as his insight and practical ways have changed my focus from my problems and weakness to using my own strengths and changed beliefs to start having the life I want.


I was referred to Gary at flow by my G.P. as I was suffering from very low mood and bouts of deep anger inside. This was having a very negative impact on all parts of my life. Gary was very genuine and he gave me the strength and self knowledge to take back control of my emotions and thought me how to take responsibility of how I turn up in my world. Me and everyone in my life is happier


My 17 year old girl took one of Gary’s positive psychology workshops and to say she has a new confidence and outlook is an understatement. Well worth the money as she is now coaching the whole family


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